With 5 years as a Personal Carer

2 Decades of Youth Work Experience

Coaching children in sports and music

Running group programs for multiple schools

Creating engaging programs for troubled Children

Logging thousands of hours connecting with Children in Care

All with massive success, giving Zach

a unique approach to mentoring and coaching

Connecting with closed off, traumatized teens,

Re-engaging at risk children in the classroom,

Creating and running holiday programs,

Teaching life skills to groups,

Hosting skate camps,

Even leading multiple weekly groups and week long holiday events…

While working with some of the most autistic People in Queensland Zach learnt the lessons that propelled the rest of his career




“One Young Client was known to cause issues during outings, pushing workers in to the cinema and sitting in movies he hadn’t paid for… trying to get a free double feature by not moving…

Anything He could do to see more film.

One day (and after the 23rd time seeing Transformers in 2 weeks) We stood up to leave, walking down the isle… Only to look back and see him sitting there staring at the screen.
As I moved back towards him I could feel my anger rising, but in a moment of saving grace I sat down and began drumming on my lap.
This non verbal boy’s face lit up, he was KEENLY showing his interest in drumming.
I explained that We could go to the park and drum until He had to go home… and Now I was chasing HIM down the isle and back to the car.”

Recently, having left residential care work, Zach has been
testing his skills in the real game. Actual Parenting.

Living with an instant teen forced the years of knowledge and thousands of hours practice into a system for
struggling parents and disconnected teenagers.

Which is all being documented in this Blog!

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What ever what ever… Just think about how You can help the

Children around You to be the BEST They can!