DE-ESCALATION – The skill of Dropping The Rope
DE-ESCALATION – The skill of Dropping The Rope

DE-ESCALATION – The skill of Dropping The Rope

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Dropping the rope is simply refusing to engage once an argument is beginning.
We drop the rope early, aiming to catch the argument as the “storm brews”
We remove the possibility of an argument by offering 2 choices, both of which we are happy with.
Once we have given the options, there is nothing to discuss as the choice simply needs to be made.
Disagreements aren’t fun. Disagreements with a child can be torture…
By being more laid-back in these trying moments we are able to appear more calm.
The biggest advantage though : We save the relationship, while putting the consequences squarely on our disagreeable child.
We wait. Acknowledge the choice, and Move on.
If there is extra discipline needed, we teach these lessons in a calm and collected way. Continuing to drop the rope as needed.
Sometimes it is worth dropping the entire situation, but this must be done before consequences and choices are decided upon, and used sparingly.
Consistency is key.

I have plenty more to say, and there are others reading this with golden information.

Jump in and comment below with questions or for some discussion 🙂
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